Property for sale in Bulgaria

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the service

We specialize in providing a premium service aiding you to find the perfect place to live and to do business in Bulgaria. We communicate directly with the sellers and shall negotiate the best reasonable deal on the market.

Our premium "tailor made" service shall deliver you a list of the best currently available for sale properties, based on your request, avoiding all inconsistent offers on the public channels. The service includes on request dedicated market research, manually comparing pricing v.s. quality for each specific property. As a result we shall provide a dedicated portfolio of 5 or 10 available properties with price, detailed specification, pictures and video.

The sources we use to explore are off market listings, personal connections, property owners portfolios and construction companies partners. That's how we could manage to find up to 25% undervalued real estate.

Why Bulgaria?

It's cheap

The country is beautiful and not yet spoiled by thousands of tourists and because it isn’t very popular yet and it still uses it’s own currency, it’s very cheap!

The amazing and diverse nature

Beautiful beaches, high peaks, green scenery, deep forests, mineral springs – everything that you could ever ask for.

The history meets modern days

A little known fact is that Bulgaria was once a great empire with its territory reaching the coasts of three seas

The tasty food and unique wines

You will be delighted by the local food and the local wine for that matter! Also you will be amazed how affordable, they are.


Bulgaria is one of the few exotic nations of Europe, due to the fact that it boasts sublime beaches, lovely churches, winter sport opportunities and great hiking, to name a few.